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Brytwauna Tang is more than just ‘your Arizona tax lady.’ She is the mastermind behind TANGMADE. As a direct descendant of the Tang Dynasty, a love and deep knowledge of money runs through her veins. Combined with her academic and career accomplishments, including a Master’s Degree in Management, she has a coveted spot in The Arizona Association of Accounting Professionals and holds the title of an Arizona Tax Ambassador.

TANGMADE excels in ensuring top tier tax preparation, consulting, estate & business services for each and every client. With an emphasis on community, TANGMADE provides a new level of accessibility, full of entrepreneurial opportunities and education for African American business owners worldwide. TANGMADE is a movement dedicated to developing the self-confidence, sisterhood and financial success of entrepreneurial Black women of all ages.

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When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track

If money management isn't something you enjoy, consider my perspective. I look at managing my money as if it were a part-time job. The time you spend monitoring your finances will pay off. You can make real money by cutting expenses and earning more interest on savings and investments. I'd challenge you to find a part-time job where you could potentially earn as much money for just an hour or two of your time.

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